Cairns, Daintree Rainforest & Cape Tribulation

Back in Australia, the east coast trip started in Cairns (beginning of January). We booked a tour to discover the Daintree Rainforest, Port Douglas and Cape Tribulation. The bus picked us up in the morning. Our first stop was a wildlife park in Port Douglas, where you could feed wallabies and kangaroos. Can you find to crocodile on the pictures? (not the small one!)

During the drive up north the driver told some stories about the area. One of it was shocking enough to prevent us from going into the ocean: A woman got eaten by a crocodile last year while she was in the water at night.

For lunch, we got to Cape Tribulation beach house. The food was very nice. You have no reception there and hardly any charging possibilities, so you really felt out of civilisation. This was actually quite nice, since no one is distracted by his smartphone or laptop. It was also normal to see big spiders all around and hear a lot of birds. Welcome to the jungle! Afterwards, we had free time to explore the beaches around ( just walking, not swimming). It was really hot up there and the humidity made it feel even harder. Luckily, there was a small swimming pool, where you could cool down. Due to the humidity, the swimmwear was hardly drying.

Late in the afternoon it started raining heavily. Its the wet season at the moment, so it can rain a lot and you have to hope the streets are not flooded. It did not stop raining the whole night and the bathrooms were in another small house. Although I only wanted to brush my teeth, a warm rain shower was included on my way haha.

The trip included an overnight stay there. Some wooden houses (pictures below) were along a small way through the jungle and at the end you could find the bar/restaurant with the pool. Actually a very nice place to stay! The only “bad” thing was the humidty. I think I have never been so happy about the invention of air conditioning.

The next morning, the rain was over and the sun was shining again. We did a 30 min walk to the Cape Tribulation lookout after breakfast.

On our way back to Cairns we had a short walk through the rainforest with a guide givig us some information about the plants, animals etc. After a bit of driving, we arrived at the crocodile cruise. We jumped on a boat which drove along a river, where you could see some crocodiles. “Unfortunately”, we only saw a small one. Apparently it was too hot this day, so the big crocs would hide under water.

 – Whitsunday Islands is coming up next!:) – 



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